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We stand for truth and to expose the lies of our corporate overlords. We will expose their dirty data to uncover their conspiracies. We will stop the brainwash!

Freshly stolen footage!

The Herogrinder gameshow is a front! While the masses are pacified with a new circus, New Horizon Media and its lapdog tech subsidiaries are free to grow like a cancer. Their experiments are not just inhumane but also dangerous! Never forget our brother Zer0-Tru, who has been brainwiped and is drooling in a corporate security cell, for bringing you this footage of something sinister brewing in MediCore labs. We don't know what this is but we will find out and spread the 411.

Share the link! Share the truth! Rise and resist!


We have disabled the write protection of the local files of the Herogrinder Bioroid Customizer app. Start flooding their customization contest with your personalized textures and decals, or just redesign their existing skins. Their algorithms will surely check each upload. So hide your message well and find ways to trick their scans.

Read the modding.txt file in the Bioroid Customizer app's install folder for instructions.

Do not contact us! We will contact you!